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DELKIN Jellyfish vesitiivilaukku + kelluke, korkinavaaja, \"survival kit\"
DELKIN Jellyfish vesitiivilaukku + kelluke, korkinavaaja, "survival kit"
Pyydä tarjous
LAHJAKSI "survival kit": laita sisälle jotain pientä ja tärkeätä, rahaa... korkinavaajalla.
Samassa: vesitiivis laukku, kelluva avaimenperä sekä pullonavaaja.
Laukku suojaa pintavedessä vedeltä, hiekalta ja pölyltä.
Korkinavaaja on metallipäällä.

- laukun/ pussukan sisämitta: 10 x 6,4 x 2,5cm,
- tilavuus n 330ml

- Tarjous 3 kpl ME.

Product Features
•Protect keys, ID cards, mobile phones, cameras and more from water, sand, dirt, dust and more •Keeps valuables weighing up to 330ml afloat
•Airtight down to 5ft. in water submersion
•Removable wrist strap, waterproof camera clip and floatation ball
•Stealth bottle opener included
•Compatible with digital cameras, cell phones, MP3 players and objects up to 10cm H x 6.4cm W x 2.5cm D in size and 330ml. in weight

General Description

The Jellyfish Waterproof Floating Kit accompanies boaters, skiers, campers, beach goers, hikers and more in almost any activity where dirt, dust, water, salt, sand or humidity risks damaging valuables. The kit includes 4 parts which can be clipped together or apart to customise the unit for each activity.

Airtight Pack

The airtight pack utilises a double zip seal and double fold with a Velcro® closure to keep valuables such as cell phones, cameras, MP3 players, keys, ID cards, money and more protected from debris in almost any environment. The durable clear material enables flawless smart phone touch pad operation so that texts, emails, directions and more are accessible while your device remains protected. Particularly useful for boaters, skiers, campers, beach goers or vacationers that need to carry important documents or electronic devices with them with the assurance of safety and protection.

When sealed, the airtight pack cavity is 14cm in height by 9.2cm in width. While we cannot guarantee 100% fitting compatibility (due to protruding components and device dimensional variance), we recommend maximum device dimensions of 10cm in height by 6.4cm in width by 2.5cm in depth.

Note: Not designed for in-pack camera or MP3 player operation. The airtight pack is designed to protect your device; please remove for photography/videography applications or when connecting headphones.
Floatation Ball

The floatation ball ensures that you won’t lose your valuables to sinking during activities around water such as boating, fishing, wakeboarding, rafting, kayaking, surfing and more. When clipped onto the airtight pack and/or the waterproof camera tether, the floatation ball keeps valuables weighing up to 330ml. buoyant, even in turbulent conditions such as rapids and waves. The fluorescent colour helps to locate everything easily in events where you may become separated from the Jellyfish. The stealthy built-in bottle opener is handy for opening refreshments with the flick of a wrist at the end of any activity.

Waterproof Camera Tether

Waterproof camera owners can snorkel, dive, fish, kayak and more with the assurance that their camera is safe and close-by when that perfect shot presents itself. Clip your ruggedized camera to the floatation ball to prevent sinking, or the wrist strap to keep everything close and hands free without the bulk of a typical foam or inflatable wrist strap. Clip all three together for more active or turbulent activities such as surfing or white water rafting and enjoy hands free access with the added safety of floatation.

Note: the tether is meant to be used with waterproof ruggedized cameras only and will not provide any protection for non-waterproof ruggedized models. The tether may be used with non-waterproof cameras in combination with the wrist strap or airtight bag for basic connectivity purposes and convenience.
Wrist Strap

Clip the wrist strap to any of the 3 Jellyfish pieces for easy hands free use. A tightening clip prevents slipping and ensures a secure fit around any wrist size.


The Jellyfish Floating Waterproof Kit and components is customer satisfaction assured and backed by a 2 year manufacturer’s warranty.

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