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CULLMANN CUlight FR 60C; Flash unit for Canon
CULLMANN CUlight FR 60C; Flash unit for Canon
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Laite muistuttaa monin tavoin Canonin huippulaitetta Speedlite 600EX II RT:tä – vain hinta on halvempi. Valikot ovat selkeitä, ja laite toimii todella hyvin Canonin peilijärkkärissä.
Siitä on versiot myös Fujifilmiin, Nikoniin, Olympukseen, Panasoniciin ja Sonyyn. Ohjeluku on 60 ja valo voimakas. Vinjetointi pysyy hyvin kurissa, ja valotuksen tarkkuus on parhaiden joukossa. Radio-ohjaus on hyvä etu.


Besides the high flash factor 60, TTL functions for Canon, Nikon, Sony, Panasonic / Olympus and Fujifilm cameras, a zoom range from 20 – 200mm as well as USB interface for firmware updates,
the highlight of the CUlight FR 60 is the integrated radio remote control, which works over a distance of 100 meters and does not require a line-of-sight link.
The CUlight FR 60 flash can therefore be installed at exactly the locations where it can provide the best possible illumination.
The CULLMANN CUlight FR 60C flash is has been specially developed for Canon cameras and supports the Canon TTL-function E-TTL II. Firmware updates are possible at any time through the integrated USB-interface.

The CUlight FR 60C not only creates better light conditions, it also gives ambitious photographers the opportunity to lift their creativity to new levels. The high flash factor 60 means that it is most suitable for large distances and in spacious rooms and provides excellent illumination. Operation using the illuminated and well legible dot-matrix display is intuitive.

Thanks to the integrated radio remote control, which works up to a distance of 100 meters and does not require a line-of-sight link, the flash can be installed at exactly the location where the best possible illumination is needed. The radio remote control can be individually programmed and control up to 5 groups with 32 channels each. A Master-Slave function is additionally possible.
The CUlight FR 60C takes its power from four batteries/powerpacks. For longer lasting power supply and faster flash sequences, the CUlight PowerPack 4500 is optionally available. The CUlight PowerPack works as an external powerpack and offers a mains free power supply and, thanks to its compact size and its low weight, it is ideal for outdoor use. You find more details about the CUlight PowerPack 4500 as well as lamp tripods, connecting cables and flash softboxes in the flash accessories section.


TTL-functions for Canon cameras with E-TTL II
High flash rate 60 ideal for large distances and spacious rooms
Integrated radio remote control, distance of up to 100 meters without line-of-sight link Programmable radio remote control of up to 5 groups with 32 channels each
High-speed synchronization of 1/8000 second
Stroboscope flash 1 – 199 Hz for higher (flash) creativity
Large zoom range from 20 – 200mm
USB interface for firmware update
Integrated diffuser disc for 14mm
Intuitive operating concept
Tiltable reflector – horizontally by 360 degree, vertically by -7 to 90 degree Including a padded transport bag
Matching accessories like PowerPack, lamp tripod, softboxes, radio trigger, etc.

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